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by landlines

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A broken man stands beneath the stands of a stadium it seems The promise land is a garbage can filled with alcohol & dreams Pretty Penny Pence, always climbing fences, sneaks on past police She’s the lovely one with the silver tongue, licking dirty mouths to eat Will he ever take time from it? Will she ever have time to rinse? Will they ever pick up the pieces? Here on a night full of factory pipes blowing smoke into the street Broken bulbs work the best Put that smoke in your chest That a boy, you’ve found your relief Will she ever live up to it? Will he ever come down from it? Will they ever pick up the pieces?
Left (free) 03:34
You take my weight and move me Correct the wretched & pour us a shore You drew a bath to bathe me But I knew the water was boiling To my long lost liver All the gold I buried before. With a sip & a shiver The tide will take me You’d part a sea to seat me Let’s smoke to vocals & drink ourselves hoarse I pray you’re pleased to see me I only believe in some things To my long lost liver All the gold I buried before With your life on the river And the tide will take you
While bored above his majesty of slumber Began to read and fell asleep himself So sat below a man who laid and wondered Why am I not at rest I cannot tell. I’ll count the sheep that fall asleep without me I’ll read about my moments left unsaid A pillow cannot cure me by the week’s end So up the stairs I’ll go beneath my bed Bordered by a mattress His dark reigns upon us Bordered by a mattress Dear me is it dawn yet? Beyond the sorry steps there stands a tower A healthy pour, his house was made of sand I’d sell my soul to sleep a half an hour Your majesty’s mistake will ruin man
Please keep your wits about you men And the garbage off the floor Because we have found larger ways to spend We’ve a longer way to go. As the sea drinks to company She waves to the skinny and the sore And I reach for all the vitamins I see in the seaweed down below I’ve spent some time away but I know I’ll see your face again See I spend my time away but you know I’ll take my place again. For the days they make me weak I lose more sleep from the sheets into the sails And dream of the love I never lost and a baby in a bale She said he spends his time away but you’ll see your father’s face again
As I sank my feet down the thousand leagues To where my old man was wading He whispered to me "Life ain’t got giving trees So it’s time that you started your taking But son, you take from no one" I sat and I watched as he carved out a clock Keeping all of the innards that left last He says, “The ticks are a tease Life’s the full cup of tea Bound to spill down your sleeve You better change fast. Because time, she waits for no one.” So I’m saving for the day When the couple quarters spun in place Are spent or split away from us From beginnings to ends every middle depends On the miss or the mark of your finger He said "to last here is a test And all my last years have left So tell your mom, and my son, and your sisters No line can last forever" Then I’m sailing out to see If my father found a closer seat. What better way to face a flood.
I watch the way you count your days and ages You're lead here by the bookmark not the pages I can’t believe in you and me both I believe I will leave a stranger to most So lay me here or dig me out For file’s sake you dance around your papers I want a way to bring us back to nature You can’t be clean with soap behind bars And you can’t leave without going too far So lay me here or dig me out
Sacrifice the bull to a coffee brown box of springs It rings all in and out Is that song wrong to sing? My braces feel the doubt There's hope for you and straight teeth for me Surely it’s about our sweet vanity I saw you thrown away Now I miss your sad songs How easy are the nights that simply come as days to me Such judgment can’t be right without much sleep My foresight is a crime I wanna cheat and meet my wife My grandma says in time Rush not certainty So says the crowded mind This symphony it plays cheap for me So sound that box of mine full of handsome keys
Garden Songs 03:24
Make believe you grew along the way A garden’s all you need You throw an apple away to keep your new doctor paid Cause you’re thrilled with the pills up his sleeve There’s no all relieving Cure to the man-made common flu Why wouldn't you believe me What do you take me for a fool Keep a piece but don’t pick apart your dead For what will be will be We’ll build a home of precious stones To sit above the sea Would you not live with me What couldn't we make, create or steal And if something leaves you Lesser is something more to feel Bring this world to its knees I’m ready so let me. A wise man said to me We’d rather be boring. But you you’ll learn to live But you will learn to live
I’ll give you all the thoughts I have to borrow Just promise that you’ll bring them back tomorrow Now I’m haunted by the times They bore me to death And I’m shaking from a day that hasn’t even started yet I don’t want to count the people left to leave me I don’t want to pay a lawyer to believe me Now I’m haunted by the times They bore me to death And I’m shaking from a day that hasn’t even started yet Should I take the simple sip that follows Or spit it out the selfish doubt I swallowed Now god damn you common sense you forced me to bet That I’d be born with confidence Not just a name I would not forget
Boy I cannot arrange all the thoughts in your head like this When water fills my whole estate Let me bathe like the baby as I came Lay down on concrete comforters these roads provide And breathe it in the breath that speaks the word divine Now you will fall asleep and only I will learn To simplify the avenues of you tonight How dare you go you were told to stay Should I not remain here in bed This place is too safe for words Is there such a comfort while awake Dear doctor why am I sick again Your body looks like a burnt out building They’ll say - “Can you see the green beams that seem to saturate all this?” Retreat bears a lesser grade and a greater chance that You don’t and you won’t


released April 27, 2012

landlines is:

James Gorhan: Drums
Brian Graham: Guitar
Augustus Moore: Vocals, Guitar
Robbie Tassaro: Bass

*Backing vocals on “Garden Songs” by Scott Liss

All Songs by landlines
All lyrics by Augustus Moore

Recorded @ Retromedia Sound Studios and the Hang-Zone in March & August of 2010 by Paul Ritchie.
Produced by Paul Ritchie and landlines
Mixed by Sonny Diperri
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West Westside Music

Special Thanks to: Sonny Diperri, Paul Ritchie, Jamal Ruhe, John Noll, Scott Liss, Natalie Graham, Cassie Moore, Pete Conklin, Richie Davis and all our friends, families and animals.


all rights reserved



landlines New York, New York

Landlines formed on a rooftop in New York City during 2008. After two years of playing out within the NYC tri-state area, they recorded their debut self-titled full-length record. Landlines played their last show on June 11, 2010 at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park New Jersey. On April 27, 2012 their full-length record was released via landlinesband.com. ... more

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